Here are some of the vocal arrangements I've worked on over the last few years! Need an arrangement? Contact me:

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Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen (arranger)

This piece began as a favor to friend and it turned into something much more.  The classic tune has been recorded and arranged many times over so finding a new interpretation proposed a challenge. The originality of this piece is expressed through the raw emotion laced throughout.  Leonard Cohen illustrates a romantic love in all of its beauty and imperfections.  In working through the text, I was able to find a deeper personal meaning.
Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is joy. Love is pain.
Love without pain would be easier.  Love with pain is part of being human.

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VESPERS EP - Faith SHAW (Choral arranger)

In 2016, I had the opportunity to arrange choral parts for Faith Shaw's Vespers - EP (The Wind, It'll Do, Heaven Knows, Glass) featuring Ensoma Creative.  Click below hear samples or purchase the EP on iTunes!


I'll Be Seeing You - Sammy Fain/Irving Kahal (Arranger)

In the summer of 2017 I wrote an arrangement of the classic jazz standard I'll Be Seeing You dedicated to (and featuring) Rebecca Summer.  Rebecca's tone and musicality, reminiscent of the notable version sung by Billie Holiday, gives the arrangement a visceral and raw quality. 

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I Am Light - India Arie (Arranger)

I started arranging I Am Light by India Arie.  Check out the beautifully fragile lead vocal by my friend Briana Lee!

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Every time We say goodbye (Arranger)

I always think of a dear friend when I hear this song.  This unfinished arrangement is dedicated her and all my friends who I don't see as regularly as I would like!

Photography by: David Cano - 443.875.2584